The Creative Workshops

The Creative Workshops will give you the opportunity to fully comprehend and master the exceptional know-how commonly used in Haute-Couture.Within an limited group of 4 people, you will explore the artistry side of fashion and express your creativity. You will finally have the chance to bring back home a very personal souvenir, your own creation Made In Paris!

All materials are provided.

atelier-FLEURS ART.-63.jpg

Complete creation of an artificial rose

Through this workshop, you will acquire all the necessary technics to create a complete artificial rose.

  • Preparing the fabrics

  • Cutting the petals

  • Shaping petals in respect with traditional methods (wooden ball and mold)

  • assembling the petals

  • The making-of the branches

  • Final assembly

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 250€


Feather motif creation

Dive into feather artistry, a dying craft preserved by a handful of master artisans and Chanel Group. The art of feather embellishment had historically a sacred and spiritual dimension, until the 13th century when it became a status symbol. Today, feather artisans showcase their talents through interior design, haute-couture, and art collaborations. During this very exceptional experience, where the gesture is delicate and patience prevails, you will elaborate your own feather motif, guided by Santiago Lomelli.

  • Preparing feathers

  • Transferring the motif design on fabric

  • Cutting feathers

  • Composing the motif

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 250€


Chic upcycling - Needle hand-embroidery

The essence of luxury lies onto the love for well-made and timeless unique pieces that can be passed on to next generations. We created this Chic Upcycling atelier to help you give another life to your favorite garment by adding a Chic Couture touch with a hand-embroidery you will create. You will discover the traditional needlework technics recognized in Haute-Couture. A fun way to initiate yourself to couture hand-embroidery while up-cycling your most valuable clothing!

  • Initiation to needlework

  • Creation of a simple motif on a lining

  • Applying the embroidery on your favorite piece

Duration: 4 hours

Price: 250€